MICROmega Holdings transforms into Sebata Holdings

Johannesburg, 13 Nov 2018
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Following MICROmega's decision to dispose of the NOSA group of companies, it now has a growth-focused portfolio based on proprietary technology-dependent solutions and services. These are grouped into four operational divisions: water technologies, software solutions, consulting, and ICT support services.

For some time, the Sebata group of companies has been the largest contributor of earnings to the group. In line with a greater operational focus, and as a way to supplement the development and growth of Sebata, while enhancing exposure for the Sebata brand, the company is now known as Sebata Holdings (SEB).

Sebata Holdings remains on the main board of South Africa's JSE, with its FTSE subsector classification moved from Business Support Services to Computer Services, to more accurately reflect the operations of the group.

Despite the name change, however, Sebata's reputation for strong intellectual property, leadership, and commitment to innovation remains, as does its emphasis on long-term future growth coupled with a high earnings-to-cash conversion ratio.

While Sebata is South Africa-oriented and headquartered, it aspires to expand its technologies and solutions onto the global stage, focusing on opportunities and markets that allow it to continually enhance its market share and profitability.

Sebata Holdings

Sebata Holdings (SEB) is a holding company listed on the main board of South Africa's JSE, with controlling interest in a number of subsidiaries. These subsidiaries are grouped into four operational divisions: namely, water technologies, software solutions, consulting and ICT support services. Formerly MICROmega Holdings, Sebata has earned a reputation as a partner of choice, an investment of choice and an employer of choice, as well as a leader in our markets.

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