Next-generation authentication

Blue Label Telecoms adopts dynamic multi-factor authentication security platform solution from iCrypto.

Johannesburg, 18 Jun 2018
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Security has never been of more critical importance than it is today, in a world populated by cyber criminals, ransomware, collusion-based fraud and simple human error. The modern enterprise thus requires a new, advanced level of security that is holistic in nature and is adaptable enough to meet both current and future requirements.

Understanding this, Blue Label Telecoms (BLT) has adopted a multi-factor authentication and identity security platform solution, from iCrypto, designed to protect the organisation against any and all possible threats.

Company CIO, Andrew Murray, points out that BLT initially wanted a solution that would enable it to eliminate the standard password concept, which has never been particularly secure, as users often have it written down somewhere, while at the same time improving authentication.

BLT, like many enterprises, has a complex environment where employees, vendors, and customers, at various times, need to engage the BLT business platforms. iCrypto presented it with an opportunity to address this.

"The new iCrypto offering makes use of multiple authentication factors, including fingerprint scans, photographs, facial recognition, user behaviour and PINs.

"Initially, individual users undergo an authentication process that verifies they are who they claim. Their identity is then tied directly to their mobile device. This is then the key to verification via the iCrypto platform, which is tightly linked to the organisation's business processes and also provides a full and immutable audit trail," says Murray.

"What iCrypto does is it provides a single layer that cuts across organisational silos to enable the secure management of identities, authenticity and attestation.

"There is little else on the market that offers the sheer number of authentication factors and the ability to engage across applications, business systems and workflow processes in such a dynamic manner. Use cases for identity management appear almost on a daily basis.

"We needed a platform that was flexible enough to accommodate our security needs without having to deal with three vendors to get to the same outcome. We were also fortunate that Cell C has deployed iCrypto and we could reference from their 10 use cases. When you look at it like that, it is not so hard to understand why we have deployed iCrypto's security solution across our organisation."

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