Nvidia counter-sues Intel

Nvidia counter-sues Intel

Nvidia has filed a countersuit in the Court of Chancery in the State of Delaware against Intel for breach of contract, states FoxBusiness.

Nvidia's countersuit was brought in response to a filing by Intel last month in the Delaware court, alleging the four-year-old chipset licence agreement does not extend to Intel's future generation CPUs with integrated memory controllers, such as its Nehalem processor.

Intel took a licence to Nvidia's rich portfolio of 3D, GPU, and other computing patents. Nvidia had been attempting for more than a year to resolve the disagreement with Intel in a fair manner.

IBM, Sun talks collapse

IBM's hopes to acquire software rival Sun Microsystems have seemingly dissipated following a breakdown in talks, says DatacenterDynamics.

Negotiations, widely reported but not acknowledged by either party, are believed to have broken down, possibly irrevocably, after Sun's board rejected a formal $7 billion acquisition offer.

Sun wanted assurances that IBM would remain committed to the deal even if it ran into serious objections from antitrust authorities from both the US Justice Department and EU in light of overlapping product ranges. The combination would have given IBM a near-monopoly 65% of the market for server computers based on the Unix operating system and help compete against rivals such as Hewlett Packard and Dell.

Nomadix wins $3.3m patent action

Nomadix has won a patent enforcement action against Second Rule, the maker of the IP3 NetAccess gateway, reports Business Wire.

The Federal Court in the Central District of California ruled in favour of Nomadix on its claims that Second Rule wilfully infringed five of Nomadix's patents. The Court awarded Nomadix a total of $3.3 million in damages and attorney fees. The court also issued a permanent injunction against Second Rule.

The permanent injunction prevents Second Rule from manufacturing, selling, importing, exporting, and transferring the IP3 NetAccess gateway or any other gateway that infringes any of the five Nomadix patents involved in the lawsuit.

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