Schwarzenegger drives cell hazard home

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Schwarzenegger drives cell hazard home

US governor Arnold Schwarzenegger says people who talk on their cellphones while driving pose a danger to other motorists but stopped short of endorsing a Bill that would fine drivers not using "hands-free`` cellphones, reports CBS 5.

He would not take a position on the Bill because he says he has not read it. He does say motorists who hold cellphones in their hands while driving are a hazard.

Schwarzenegger says he has warned his 16-year-old daughter she will lose her driving privileges if he catches her talking on her cellphone while driving.

Emergency alerts on cellphones, Internet

Americans will get security alerts and emergency cautions while they`re on the move, listening to the radio, surfing the Internet or watching TV, via a digital emergency alert system, reports Money Control.

The US Association of Public Television Stations and the US Department of Homeland Security have tested the technology to alert Americans about natural disasters or terrorist strikes.

The system will cost roughly $5.5 million to launch, and an additional $1 million per year for maintenance.

Hope for lower cost mammography

The Fuji computer radiology for mammography is not the first digital system approved by the FDA, but at half the price of other digital-screening machines, it is more cost-effective, and its smaller design allows for simple upgrade, reports ABC News.

The Fuji system replaces film cassettes with film plates that receive the x-ray data. The processor then uses a laser to read the information on the plate and turns it into a digital signal.

The system can also read other digital x-rays, which makes it more cost-effective, the company says.

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