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Zoom Telephonics confirms its commitment to customers following 3com`s departure from dial-up modem business

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Zoom Telephonics, maker of Zoom and Hayes modems, has pledged its ongoing commitment to the design and production of all types of high-volume Internet access products, including both broadband and dial-up modems.

This follows 3Com`s announced departure in March, from its dial-up modem business. "Zoom Telephonics has cultivated its customer base and reseller channels for over twenty years and we will not leave them behind," comments Godfrey Frayne, Zoom Telephonics sub-Saharan sales manager.

"We will continue to support our Zoom and Hayes brand modem customers and will maintain our development of new modem products, including dial-up modems compliant to the anticipated V.92 standard.

"We believe that the relationship that we have with our current customers and industry partners will be a significant competitive advantage in launching new cable modem, DSL modem, wireless LAN, and home networking solutions."

From Modems to Networking: Broadband and Beyond

Over the past several years Zoom Telephonics has pursued a strategy that anticipated widespread deployment of broadband wide area networking using DSL modems and cable modems. For more than a year, the majority of Zoom`s research and development expenditures have been spent on developing broadband technologies, while continuing to support the introduction of new dial-up modems.

In addition to developing broadband Internet access products, Zoom has developed easily-installed and easily-managed local area networking (LAN) technologies. Those LAN products are key to the easy distribution of data rates provided by broadband to a rapidly increasing number of computing devices in homes and offices.

Zoom`s LAN designs include wireless networking, home phoneline networking, and Internet gateway products.

"Zoom recognises that equipment for broadband technologies is currently sold primarily through new data communications channels like cable service providers and DSL service providers, and Zoom is addressing these markets," says Frayne.

However, he believes that in the near future broadband equipment will be sold through computer retailers, value-added resellers, Internet Service Providers, and computer distributors in very high volumes.

In addition, the traditional computer channels are expected to be critical for the sale of the local area networking products, which industry analysts anticipate will boom with the widespread penetration of broadband service.

"Zoom values its customers and channel partners, and remains committed to a broad line of Internet access products to service their needs.

"Supporting customers is good business, now and in the future," he confirms. "While technologies may change, we believe our customers and channels will reward our track record of ongoing commitment."

Zoom Telephonics

Zoom Telephonics, a communications leader since 1977, designs, produces and markets dial-up and broadband modems, wireless LAN products, home phoneline networking devices, and other data communication products under the Zoom and Hayes brand names. Zoom products are available in over 3000 of the highest volume computer retailers in the United States and over 5000 retail outlets worldwide.

In South Africa, they are available from Siltek Distribution Dynamics (SDD) and Memtek.

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