IEIT Holdings is excited to announce and welcome Cog3nt to the group

Johannesburg, 12 Apr 2019
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IEIT Holdings has established a strategic partnership with Cog3nt to disrupt digital supply chains, which have become distributed. Customers procuring digital products, solutions, services and outcomes to their problems or use cases need to engage multiple partners across digital verticals to achieve their objectives.

Cog3nt currently leads the conversation around disruptive business models and has appointed an ecosystem of partners. Cog3nt's head office is in Stellenbosch, with a geographical footprint, for the company and its partner ecosystem, in Cape Town (CBD), Gauteng, Mauritius and the United Kingdom. Cog3nt is also in conversation with the digital market in the United States, expanding its business model to yet another global market-seeking disruptive business model.

Cog3nt is headed by Co-Founder and CEO Pieter Grobbelaar, a well-respected thought leader who has been a contributor to the tech and digital community for 22 years.

"Cog3nt sees the future of services businesses to be outcomes-based. Our business model supports this and value creation is what can be expected from Cog3nt and its ecosystem. We don't only do, we listen as well," says Grobbelaar.

Cog3nt focuses on digital transformation (DX) and 4IR. Solving a problem requires a part of some verticals across the digital landscape. Cog3nt brings all the required verticals to a problem into one engageable business model in the areas of: design thinking, digital marketing and media, application and platform development, BizDevSecOps, intelligent process engineering, intelligent automation, automated testing, heavy lifting of data, machine learning, data science and AI, IOT and cloud.

Matt Mead, CEO of IEIT Holdings, commented: "We are excited to have Cog3nt as part of our exciting new ecosystem, providing a one-stop IT solution-based service to our existing and future clientele, tailored to the needs of our clients. Aligning our value creation strategy with Cog3nt guarantees a reliable partnership.

''We look forward to seeing exciting growth in this space," says Mead.

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