Internet Solutions adds industry-leading DRaaS to SkyLight platform

RTO and RPO standards reduced to just minutes and seconds means almost instantaneous disaster recovery.

Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2019
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Internet Solutions, the leading ISP, has added an industry-leading disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) to its SkyLight platform.

Brought to market with Continuity SA, an Internet Solutions-owned company since 2014, the service offers recovery time objectives (RTO), or the time required to restore systems, reduced to just minutes. Recovery point objectives (RPO), or the age of the files at risk, are mere seconds. This is substantially less than industry-standard RTO and RPO of days and hours.

As cloud-hosted business systems are increasingly the norm, the difference between minutes and days in the event of catastrophic system failure is the difference between a company surviving a disaster, or not.

"For an online-only retailer, the longer their Web sites are down, the more revenue they lose. While some businesses can survive losing a day or two's worth of data, online retailers and financial institutions, for example, cannot," says Basha Pillay, Executive Head of Cloud and Collaboration at Internet Solutions.

"We're justifiably proud of the RTO and RPO standards that we can now offer to clients as part of a cost-effective, flexible cloud solution that puts DRaaS in reach of smaller companies that are as vulnerable to disasters as any large enterprise."

'Disaster' refers to a complete loss of business systems, from files and applications to entire data centres, due to a natural or man-made catastrophe, such as a fire or power loss at a data centre or severe ransomware attack.

In the past, enterprise disaster recovery involved frequent backups onto tapes stored offsite, with some companies investing in extra hardware and infrastructure capacity to quickly replace failed systems. These measures are slow by modern standards and prohibitively expensive, out of reach of small and medium enterprises.

"With DRaaS added to the SkyLight platform, any company with on-demand access to public or private cloud services from the SkyLight mega-cloud has the means to securely restore their data in just minutes," says Pillay.

SkyLight currently offers users cloud services from Amazon EC2, Microsoft Azure, Internet Solutions Cloud and Dimension Data Cloud, with others to follow.

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Internet Solutions' DRaaS offering includes an advisory service to help companies evaluate their data requirements and dependencies, map a disaster recovery strategy, and then implement and test the resulting DRaaS plan.

Pillay explains that clients frequently underestimate the impact that catastrophic system failure could have on their business, or they miscalculate the cost of disaster compared to their perception of DRaaS costs.

"Our job is to help clients identify business-critical data that points to which systems must be restored almost immediately, the order in which systems should be restored, and how to trigger their disaster recovery plan when required," he says.

DRaaS through SkyLight is offered as a completely self-managed service via the SkyLight platform, or clients can retain Internet Solutions to manage the service on their behalf. Clients may elect to manage some aspects of disaster recovery internally, while Internet Solutions' DRaaS experts administer the rest.

The Silver service package includes:

* Technical recovery plans;
* Consistency group verification;
* Notifications and escalations;
* Two tests annually;
* One invocation annually; and
* Quarterly service meetings.
The Gold service package includes:
* Technical recovery plans;
* Consistency group verification;
* BCM programme alignment;
* Notifications and escalations;
* Four tests annually;
* Two invocations annually; and
* Monthly service meetings.

"Cloud computing offers companies of all sizes tremendous advantage from a financial, operational and sustainability perspective," says Pillay. "The same is true of disaster recovery; the cloud and the Internet combined make recovering from system disasters easier and more accessible than ever before."

Internet Solutions

Internet Solutions (IS), an Internet services provider for public and private sector organisations has been providing innovative end-to-end solutions and related services for over 20 years. At the forefront of Internet Protocol-based technologies, IS builds solutions and services tailored to the increasingly complex demands of organisations across the enterprise, public sector, global carrier and growing small-to-medium business sectors.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Dimension Data Group and part of NTT, IS leverages its infrastructure and global footprint to support organisations with the rapid deployment of emerging technologies.

Headquartered in South Africa, IS has operating offices in Mozambique, Uganda, Ghana, Kenya and Nigeria, as well as sales offices in the UK, Singapore and USA. IS has six international Points of Presence (PoPs) - in New York, London (2), Germany, Hong Kong and Singapore, and 65 PoPs across the African continent. The company has over 12 000 sqm of data centre space across Africa and is the largest provider of alternate last mile services in South Africa. More information at

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