Layer 7 achieves Palo Alto Networks' Diamond Partner status in the SADC region

Johannesburg, 29 Jul 2019
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For Layer 7 to achieve Palo Alto Networks' highest level of global certification as a Diamond Partner demonstrates a high level of company investment in this solution and achievement in its deployment for Layer 7’s clients.

Adding to its impressive array of recognised and preferred supplier status partnerships with a number of OEMs, Layer 7 is now the only authorised professional services partner in-country qualified to sign off services for Palo Alto Networks. Furthermore, Layer 7 has also recently signed up as a managed services provider in region for Palo Alto Networks.

The company’s dedication to mastering top IT security products is evidenced by the many hours invested in ongoing training and enablement – and goes the extra mile to ensure its team members are fully trained and certified in the intricacies of the solutions it offers clients.

Layer 7’s unstoppable CEO Neil Beulecke takes an uncompromising approach and loves nothing more than a steep challenge. Since company inception in 2005, Beulecke and his diverse and talented team have excelled in mastering every aspect of its bundle of world-class security solutions. This slick task team moves with formidable speed and agility to quash new security threats for its clients. Says Beulecke: “To individually address specific risks or compliance issues, audit requirements or enterprise objectives, vendors typically fail to provide a comprehensive, unified picture of the threat landscape. Instead of becoming more agile in their response to today’s security challenges, increased complexity is created in enterprises that can become overwhelming for IT security teams.

“You need to have a finger on the pulse and take a holistic approach beyond compliance. Most important is the ability to monitor for, and prevent threats across the data centre, endpoints and cloud environment.

Based on a long-term relationship with Palo Alto and collaboration in training and an innovative approach in integrating complementary software, Layer 7 is able to supply the best combination of solutions to combat threats.

The company’s partnership with Palo Alto Networks and fast-moving approach has led Layer 7 to consistently find new ways to align security applications and to see performance as a key business driver. “We are able to not only assess a client’s requirements through assessment of its individual landscape; we can integrate our way of thinking and product portfolio that will offer the optimum protection from cloud-based current and future threats.

“We can help set company policy when it comes to aspiring to Layer 7 application usage and are adept in demystifying the technical jargon for better understanding and higher efficiency. We construct the configuration and business policy and digital end security to provide accessible information on how to secure network access for applications necessary for a job function.”

Big IT companies are not always able to act in real-time. Our intention is to not be a slow-moving animal. Ultimately, a security attack can be catastrophic and sink one of our clients. We want them to know that we will do whatever is necessary to prevent this happening.

“We have our ears to the ground for new types of attacks – and through top security solutions – and thus pride ourselves on our ability to be ahead of emerging risks and highly reactive to combating them,” concludes Beulecke.

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