US universities lag in risk management

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US universities lag in risk management

The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges found that 60% of US institutions surveyed don't use strategic risk assessments to identify major risks, says Insurance Times.

The findings suggest that higher education in the US is lagging behind the private sector in considering risk at a strategic level.

Only 5% of the respondents claim their institutions have exemplary practices for managing major risks.

Deutsche Bank boosts GRC

Global investment bank Deutsche Bank has appointed Aveksa to automate its access governance processes across its entire enterprise, according to Business Wire.

Deutsche Bank will leverage Aveksa Compliance Manager's process and policy automation capabilities to govern corporate information and comply with regulatory mandates.

Berthold Kerl, MD and head of IT security governance for Deutsche Bank, says: "Ensuring appropriate user access to information resources is of critical importance to our compliance and risk management efforts at Deutsche Bank.”

Modulo expands partner base

IT governance, risk and compliance (GRC) provider, Modulo, has signed an agreement with GigaTrust, a security software provider, to roll out Modulo Risk Manager to customers and partners in Spain, reports PR Newswire.

The agreement between the companies is part of Modulo's consolidation worldwide and it will provide an expanding customer base in the Iberian region with regional expertise and localised support.

GigaTrust and Modulo are collaborating to help companies assess their risks and adapt their security systems to international standards and regulations, and to the Spanish legislation in effect, such as the Statutory Data Protection Law.

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