Working with data experts

Why data experts are key to data success.

Johannesburg, 01 Sep 2020
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The conversation around the impact and value of big data is unlikely to end any time soon. In fact, big data has become so relevant in this world that it is the commodity that changes the shape of the business and opportunity. In a marketplace that has become even more digitally driven thanks to the global pandemic, data is currency. It is also oozing from every crevice – be it at home, on the move or in the occasional office – and the need to interpret and manage it effectively has only become fiercer. But the challenge for many organisations is highlighted by one word – how?

How can the business really get value from its data? How can the organisation find the nuggets of insight from within vast pools of information? And how can any company really benefit from analytics?

The partner conundrum

The reality is that many companies invested in data solutions and analytics platforms that did little more than add admin to employees and paperwork to boardrooms. Few delivered on their promises of insights and real-time data that would transform decision making and redefine business process and strategy. It was an awkward mix of potential and poor performance that didn’t build confidence in business intelligence (BI) or the solutions that powered it.

In truth, most solutions are only as good as their implementation and the culture of the company that implements them. If nobody but the executive is interested in the investment, it’s likely to languish. If few understand the value of BI, they aren’t going to spend the time using it, which is why data experts are actually the key to data success.

The data scientists, the data insights as a service, and the BI service providers that understand the inherent value of data and how to make it work for the business are the real keys to unlocking any investment in analytics or data. Their innate understanding of the data is why the jobs of data analyst and data scientist are in such demand. Theirs are the skills that can interpret the data in ways that matter to the organisation.

Relevance and reality

Data experts are also essential parts of the mix when it comes to ensuring that any BI investment and analysis is relevant to the business. There may be a ton of data and the technology may be exceptional, but if the information isn’t relevant then the results aren’t going to be tuned in to the organisation’s reality.

The challenge is finding the experts. They’re rare and their skills are in short supply. This is why organisations like IntelliNexus are a solid fit for any company looking to leverage its data without the risk. Providing data intelligence and data experts as a service, IntelliNexus offers the organisation an immediate and relevant window into its operations and processes, allowing for truly valuable decision making that can shape strategy and future growth.

To get the right BI results that deliver a return on investment, work with a partner that can implement a solution that’s relevant to your business. iNTELLiNEXUS has partnered with leading global organisations to provide solid and reliable BI solutions that are designed to move your business into the digital era.

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