Serole Technologies SA on the move

Johannesburg, 30 Oct 2020
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Although it has been a trying time around the globe, the impact of COVID-19 on Serole Technologies South Africa’s business has been minimal. Serole’s business model of engaging complementary local skills to augment their niche skills and deliver on global projects has proven to be a success within the changing world in which we find ourselves.

The 2019 launch of Serole Technologies into South Africa has been a proven success. Serole has received several requests to assist with RFPs within the insurance and financial sectors of South Africa and countries on the east coast of Africa.

Discovery Health project update

Serole Technologies South Africa kicked off Discovery Health’s SAP integration culminating in a successful technical go-live on 21 August 2020. The technical go-live was the first SAP integration into the Discovery Health landscape.

The unpredictability of setting up the various environments, including SAP HANA, for a customer new to the SAP technology platform, was overcome by the combined efforts of the Discovery Health and Serole team, working across multiple time zones in South Africa, Australia and India.

The first go-live allowed all teams involved to gain experience with the SAP platform, paving the way for faster, simpler future releases. Key functionality set the foundation for an expected major business go-live later this year.

“A key outcome of the project initiated at the outset by Discovery Health was to continue to provide outstanding service to their members, a guiding principle that has been front and centre on the journey with Discovery Health to date,” said Gary Coetzee, Managing Director of Serole Technologies South Africa.

COVID-19 update

Companies working in today’s rapidly changing world are presented with new challenges and need to be more flexible and responsive to operate in risky and complex environments. Serole has traditionally delivered projects according to their global customers’ needs using SMEs from Australia, India and South Africa. The approach has continued under COVID-19.

The need for social distancing in the office is negated by the formula of remote work and flexibility that Serole embraced years ago. Technology, being Serole’s core business, has made the transition seamless and has assisted Serole to attract and retain talent. The concept that presence in an office equates to productivity does not hold true. As the saying goes: “Work is something you do, not somewhere you go.”

Other news

  • Serole is growing locally and in several domains, including expanding its SAP practice outside of FSI and JAVA/Angular.
  • Serole has formed a strategic partnership with an advanced global AWS partner (one of only 15 AWS healthcare competencies in the world) to address the skills shortage in South Africa. This partnership focuses on the public sector and healthcare markets.
  • A unique win-win feature of the Serole business model is enabling knowledge transfer from the niche skillset to local skills. Serole has formed several partnerships with companies in Africa, with the purpose of expanding Serole’s footprint and introducing fresh ideas into the region.
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