Fujitsu shows the power of co-creation at Fujitsu Forum Munich 2018

Munich, 09 Nov 2018
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Co-creation for success' theme emphasises importance of Fujitsu's collaborative approach in delivering business outcomes for customers.
* Fujitsu Forum Munich showcases how organisations can leverage the power of co-creation to drive digital transformation.
* More than 10 000 visitors expected at Europe's leading IT vendor event to explore emerging technologies and new ways of creating innovation.

Fujitsu is expecting more than 10 000 visitors at this year's Fujitsu Forum Munich, its flagship customer event. This year's theme is: "Co-creation for success", highlighting Fujitsu's approach of working seamlessly with customers and partners within an ecosystem that unleashes creativity and innovation to drive digital transformation.

The event showcases how Fujitsu's unique Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) innovation methodology unlocks creativity, and how Fujitsu works with its customers to address and integrate emerging technology, accelerated through a growing global network of centres of excellence.

As businesses of all sizes and in all sectors recognise the importance of digital transformation, Fujitsu Forum provides inspiring and creative examples of innovative solutions in areas such as security, the Internet of things, artificial intelligence, data analytics, blockchain and robotic process automation.

Over the course of two days, keynotes, breakout sessions and expert talks offer attendees advice, inspiration and examples of how to leverage existing and emerging technologies to thrive. The 3 500 square metre exhibition area, Fujitsu City, provides an inspirational showcase of more than 250 examples of transformative new Fujitsu solutions for real-life environments such as retail stores, factories, banks, data centres, hospitals, town halls, universities and train stations.

Fujitsu's new global survey highlights that the people skills most highly rated by business leaders are industry knowledge, leadership and creativity. Furthermore, respondents believe creativity and innovation top the key factors which drive success. These findings are echoed in Fujitsu's focus at Fujitsu Forum Munich on getting the best out of people and technology to help customers make a difference in competitive, crowded markets.

Fujitsu City, breakout sessions and expert talks provide hundreds of examples of how best to leverage leading-edge technologies. Visitors also gain the latest insights into how powerful new technology such as the Fujitsu Digital Annealer is making quantum leaps in speeding up complex decision-making, as trialled by the major UK bank NatWest to create an optimal balance for its risk portfolio.

Digital transformation centres and centres of excellence provide a powerful boost for innovation

Visitors to Fujitsu Forum Munich can experience Fujitsu's Co-creating Program first-hand and unleash the power of innovation. Live Human Centric Experience Design (HXD) innovation workshops will run during the event, providing opportunities to explore creative new ways of tackling existing business challenges. So far, Fujitsu has conducted more than 100 workshops with customers, leading to more than 40 concepts progressing to the next stage of development since its Digital Transformation Centers in the UK and Germany opened earlier this year.

Many of these ideas are nurtured in a growing global network of centres of excellence that spearhead Fujitsu's focus on providing customers with the people skills, inspiration, resources, know-how and technologies to translate ideas into business value. Centres of excellence are designed to nurture and develop ways of harnessing and integrating disruptive emerging technologies into business processes, in areas including artificial intelligence, blockchain, advanced analytics and robotic process automation.

Duncan Tait, SEVP and Head of EMEIA at Fujitsu, says: "We are focused on helping our customers unleash their creativity and empowering their businesses to become agile. Digital technology is enabling new approaches to creativity and agile working and is an important step in empowering people to deliver the amazing products, services and solutions that customers are looking for. But achieving innovation is not something that happens by itself, it is a result of the crucial interplay between technology, expertise and creativity. It is only when these are combined that the real innovation that organisations desire, and in fact need to survive, can be delivered. At Fujitsu Forum Munich, we're highlighting how our co-creation approach is driving customer success through inspiring innovation."

Overview of the main news announcements at Fujitsu Forum Munich 2018

Fujitsu and Microsoft accelerate delivery of mission-critical workloads on Microsoft Azure

Fujitsu and Microsoft are accelerating the delivery of Microsoft Azure cloud for organisations with a new global systems integrator partnership. This enables organisations to seamlessly take the next step in their digital transformation, by shifting mission-critical workloads in hybrid IT estates to a cloud-based one-stop delivery model, increasing innovation, improving flexibility and guaranteeing superior financial performance.

Fujitsu makes cloud adoption easier with PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack

Fujitsu today announces new options for organisations to harmonise workloads between the cloud and on-premises. The new PRIMEFLEX for Microsoft Azure Stack provides a unique solution for enterprises that want to take full advantage of the public cloud, but need to keep some mission-critical IT under their own roof due to data sovereignty, compliance or connectivity requirements.

Fujitsu establishes Fujitsu Intelligence Technology, a new company driving its global AI business

Fujitsu announced the establishment of a new company that will serve as a global hub for developing its artificial intelligence business. Fujitsu Intelligence Technology is working to grow Fujitsu's global AI business by bringing together the innovative AI technologies and solutions developed by the company in Japan and regions around the world, and then by providing these back to each region as global products and services. By establishing this critical location outside Japan, Fujitsu will respond with agility to international standards and demands, seizing on the needs of its global customers and driving forward the development of new solutions.

New framework Sholark accelerates transformation of business processes with AI and data analytics

Fujitsu is making it easier for businesses to accelerate their digital transformation processes by connecting AI, data analytics and business decision-making using its powerful new Sholark framework. This framework significantly accelerates the deployment of complex AI projects, and its ease of use means even non-technical employees can leverage it to support decision-making.

Fujitsu powers near-zero emissions data centre in wind turbine

Fujitsu server and storage technology is powering one of the world's first near zero emissions data centres, located inside a wind turbine in Germany. Part of the WindCORES initiative from German electricity provider WestfalenWIND IT, the new hosting solution enables Fujitsu SELECT Partner Green IT - Das Systemhaus (Green IT) to offer to highly sustainable and cost-effective cloud services to its customers. Designed by WestfalenWIND IT, WindCORES is a near zero-emissions tier three data centre operating in Paderborn, Germany. It forms part of the country's planned transition to an environmentally sound, sustainable energy supply, while simultaneously meeting growing demand for cloud services.

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