eBook: Transforming urban mobility

Johannesburg, 26 Jun 2019
Read time 1min 00sec

Anyone living, working or visiting a city, or trying to get to school or work or to shop in the city or suburbs, is immediately confronted with the personal challenge of doing so using the fastest, safest, and most comfortable and affordable way possible.

For many, the solution is to use a public mass transit system and often a journey involves using more than one mode. This information challenge for citizens starts in understanding how to get from A to B, when, and at what fare. The plethora of passenger transportation apps is making this challenge less frustrating, driven by live streaming of GPS and sensor data providing the status of trains, buses or subways, together with route planning intelligence, alerts and personal account, pre-pay or contactless payments.

In this eBook we will take a brief look at how these challenges are being approached by the agencies that are pioneering the use of urban mobility technologies to deliver increasingly positive impact on our experience of getting from A to B.

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