Netcover relaunches, introduces rebate programme

Read time 1min 40sec, the online insurance broker, has relaunched with a new look and feel, which is accompanied by a campaign to reward M-Web customers who purchase and manage insurance through the Web site.

Called Netbonus, the scheme gives a rebate of 7.5% every six months that no claim is made against a qualifying insurance policy taken out by an M-Web member. The scheme was initiated in June, and runs until October.

Jonathan Aspeling, GM of, says the site has experienced a good response from the 250 000-strong M-Web client base, with 2.5% of the base signed up so far, and 3/4 of the base yet to be marketed to.

"[At the end of the exercise] we will evaluate the results and decide whether the offer should be expanded into the broader market."

Aspeling notes: "The NetBonus offering is great vehicle for us to build our brand with our key target audience: consumers with the spending power to own assets that need insurance cover, such as computers, cars, etc. We are confident that once people give our service a try, they will never look back because, on all levels, insurance online is easier, faster and less expensive than the traditional route.

"First, you only have to communicate your needs once to get a slew of competitive quotes sourced from well-known insurers. Second, because the Internet is accessible 24 hours a day, there is never a wait for information about existing policies. Finally, the very nature of an online operation means that administration overhead costs are significantly reduced and those savings are passed onto the consumer in the form of lower premium rates." is jointly owned by M-Web and Media 24. Its registered client base currently sits at just over 2 000.

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