MS, Nokia in strategic partnership

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MS, Nokia in strategic partnership

EMBEDDED]Nokia plans to form a strategic partnership with Microsoft to build a global mobile ecosystem based on highly complementary assets, according to IEWY News.

The Nokia-Microsoft ecosystem targets to deliver differentiated and innovative products and have unrivalled scale, product breadth, geographical reach, and brand identity.

With Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, Nokia would help drive the future of the platform by leveraging its expertise on hardware optimisation, software customisation, language support and scale. Nokia and Microsoft would also combine services assets to drive innovation.

Further more, the Financial Times reveals that Samsung, HTC, Motorola Mobility and Research In Motion believe they can capitalise on Nokia's vulnerability as it embarks on a two-year transition to Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system to secure a bigger share of the smartphone market.

Nokia chief executive Stephen Elop, the Reuters notes, says on the firm was feeling the pressure and aimed to produce a phone running new partner Microsoft's operating system by the end of this year. Ollila says Microsoft was not the only option for Nokia and adds many companies had showed their interest in cooperating with the Finnish mobile phone maker.

"There were Microsoft, Google and our own choice [to continue alone]. And in addition to these we also had other suitors.”

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