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  • ACS-Embrace develops, shares free copy and paste link to help SA SMEs comply with COVID-19 Web site regulations

ACS-Embrace develops, shares free copy and paste link to help SA SMEs comply with COVID-19 Web site regulations

Johannesburg, 09 Apr 2020
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Proudly South African company ACS-Embrace has developed a free, accessible, responsive banner, enabling users to add the COVID-19 portal to their landing pages.

This comes in response to new government regulations, published on 26 March, requiring that all South African Web site owners include a link to the Department of Health’s COVID-19 portal on their landing page. (More information about this can be found here: Regulation No. 43164, also here:

All .za domains are required to have a landing page/home page with a visible link to This link directs users to the Department of Health Web site which contains all critical and accurate information about the COVID-19 outbreak, statistics on its spread in South Africa and associated government press releases.

With over one million registered domain names, ".za" is trusted, proudly South African and the largest domain namespace in Africa and used to power hundreds of thousands of active Web sites. Many of these are owned by small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

ACS-Embrace developed this banner to:

  • Help Web site owners to easily meet this requirement. These are tough times for several small business owners. Many may not even be aware of this requirement while others are, for now, ignoring it as they are dealing with much bigger issues in their daily operations.

The nationwide lockdown means many companies are closed and employees are working remotely, if at all, making it difficult to make these necessary changes to their Web sites.

Some may even need to contract developers to assist in meeting this regulation, which could incur additional costs, especially at such short notice. ACS-Embrace is offering a simple, easily accessible banner to help them meet this requirement.

  • Spread and reinforce the COVID-19 message. We are all in this together and ACS-Embrace is doing its part to help ensure public knowledge about the pandemic is shared and communicated, accurately, across all platforms.There are far too many people breaking the lockdown rules and this second week, we’ve been advised, is the most critical, in terms of staying at home and practising social distancing. There is so much hype and fake news out there, and this makes it imperative that accurate and reliable information is spread, especially online.

The link is available, free and easy to install – a simple copy and paste:

To date, more than 100 South African sites have added this banner to their sites.

Do your part to help spread the message and not the virus. Stay at home. Practise social distancing and together we will flatten the curve. 

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