Lights, camera, action! HPE to honour partners at online event

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President Ntuli, MD HPE South Africa.
President Ntuli, MD HPE South Africa.

HPE South Africa will be hosting its annual Channel Partner Awards today to reward outstanding performance and commitment to customers.

The awards will include addresses by HPE SA’s MD President Ntuli and his UK, Ireland and MESA VP Marc Waters. Waters will present the company’s strategy for the coming year. 

HPE says its enhanced partner programme, announced in November, helps optimise the partners' engagement with the company and engage more with small and medium-sized business. The programme also provides partners with training opportunities and access to financial resources. Partners can create built-to-order (BTO) product configurations, and earn discounts.

Nearly 70% of HPE’s annual sales are from its 80 000-strong channel, which has seen significant growth in HPE’s as-a-service offering and an 85% year-on-year increase in GreenLake orders (FY20 Q3). In a drive to capture the growing small and medium-sized market and expand its as-a-service model, the enhanced Partner Ready Programme includes GreenLake’s business planning workshop that helps partners assess their as-a-service strategy and become more proficient sellers.

Addressing the uncertainty presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s statement said, “To help maintain consistency for partners, HPE maintains the core requirements of the FY20 Partner Ready Programme through this year – there will be no change to revenue thresholds or competency requirements.”

‘Art is life’

The event, taking place at 15:00 this afternoon (January 27), is themed ‘Art is Life’ and will be hosted by broadcaster and journalist Fifi Peters. There will be a performance by ballet dancer Kitty Phetla.

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