BDO SA’s journey to EDR, advanced endpoint security and machine visibility

Johannesburg, 24 Aug 2020
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The necessary and rapid adoption of digital transformation over the past few months has redirected business leaders’ focus away from other critical areas such as cyber security. In addition, the shift to a remote workforce has exponentially increased the attack surface available to cyber criminals. Without a comprehensive security strategy, your organisation may be vulnerable to these attacks. Cloud-based EDR and remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools have proved particularly effective during this time, ensuring protection, visibility and control over the network of remote endpoints.

Nico Fourie, National ICT Director BDO South Africa, and Matthew Stevens, CTO Panda Security Africa, will be at the ITWeb Security Summit on 26 August to discuss how BDO South Africa has built a robust security strategy, supported by advanced technology solutions. They will explore the security solutions BDO South Africa has implemented and their impact on BDO’s business.

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Ensuring your organisation can stand up to inevitable and increasingly sophisticated attacks is critical. In our digital world, this can seem like a mammoth task – however, organisations should be careful not to become complacent. Fourie suggests that a proactive approach, supported by enabling technology, can reduce the burden and help us build a robust cyber security stance.

Building a comprehensive security strategy is not only about protecting organisations from cyber attacks. Enhancing control and visibility over the organisation’s endpoints can help reduce risk factors across the business. “In assessing our situation, it’s imperative that we have visibility of endpoints and processes in order to report to our exco and make decisions that positively impact the business,” says Fourie. “Regulatory compliance in line with GDPR and POPIA also requires increased visibility and control of data,” continues Fourie.

Join Panda Security Africa and BDO South Africa at the ITWeb Security Summit on 26 August at 3:30pm to find out how you can build a robust cyber security strategy.

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