Inkjet printer fools fingerprint scanners

In this week's Worldwide Wrap, we find out just how easy it is to fool Samsung and Huawei's fingerprint scanners, and why NEC's ear canal scanning may be a better bet.

Inkjet printer fools fingerprint scanners

Researchers at Michigan State University have found they can fool the fingerprint scanners on Samsung and Huawei devices by printing the fingerprints it recognises.

The researchers used a standard inkjet printer loaded with special ink and paper used for printing circuits.
Via: The Guardian

NEC is developing ID-checking headphones

NEC is developing earbuds that can confirm a user's identity by playing a sound and checking how it resonates within their ear canal.

The Japanese tech firm says the new technology should hit the market before the end of 2018.
Via: BBC News

Waterproof mobile payment wristband hits Australia

Australian telco Optus has introduced a waterproof rubber wristband its customers can use to make mobile payments.

Users can put the band up to "any terminal" to make payments under 100 Australian dollars, and Optus customers will get the gadget for free.
Via: Mashable

Canon DSLR has NFC and WiFi

Canon's latest entry-level digital SLR camera is fitted with WiFi and NFC connectivity to allow users to more easily share photos to their devices.

The new features are available to entry-level SLR photographers, as the $550 (about R8 400) camera, which comes with a standard kit lens, sits at the low end of Canon's price range.
Via: Mashable

Android N will bring split-screen functionality

Android's next major release will give users split-screen functionality so they can multitask with their apps.

An early build of the open source operating system was released on Thursday, for app developers to test.
Via: BBC News

Death apps help users plan their afterlives

A wave of death apps, which promise to help users organise their afterlives, is rising to popularity, according to The Guardian.

Apps such as Everest, Cake, and SafeBeyond aim to streamline the tangle of admin that accompanies death, helping users leave behind some organisation for their loved ones in areas such as online memorials, funeral plans, and estate arrangements.
Via: The Guardian

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