eBook: Xerox and information security

Johannesburg, 03 Jun 2021
Read time 50sec

Information is every organisation’s key asset, and security is essential to the office – for documents and for any devices, including printers and multifunction printers, connected to the network. And in the 21st century, the network is the hub of virtually all business activity.

Nearly every business, and every person in it, is connected to the Internet. Your business – and every organisation with which you collaborate – is part of a global system of interconnected computer networks and servers.

A breach in the security of an organisation’s documents can result in unauthorised acquisition or use of sensitive or proprietary information. It can lead to harmful disclosure, stolen or compromised intellectual property and trade secrets. And for many organisations, these security breaches can end with costly fines and litigation, to the tune of hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. In this eBook, Xerox addresses the problem.

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