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Altron Bytes Document Solutions announces appointment of Warren Mande to MD of Altron Arrow

Johannesburg, 25 Feb 2020
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Warren Mande
Warren Mande

Altron Bytes Document Solutions (ABDS) is pleased to announce the appointment of Sales Divisional Executive, Warren Mande to Managing Director of Altron Arrow, effective 1 March 2020.

Both operating companies are subsidiaries of JSE-listed technology company Altron.

Mande has enjoyed a rewarding career at Xerox and Altron – in both the UK and SA for over 17 years. He joined the company as a graduate trainee before being promoted to the position of commercial manager. He moved on to spend seven years at Bytes UK as sales director before returning to SA to take up the position of Sales Divisional Executive at Altron BDS.

Mande is currently responsible for the leadership success of the Xerox’s office sales operations across the country – taking Xerox’s full portfolio of product offerings to the market. He has a proven track record of consistently driving revenue and profitable growth.

“Warren has always been passionate about sales, and a highly skilled and professional leader who takes great pride in all that he does. He has always promoted a very strong culture of quality, fairness, proactivity, and accountability and encouraged colleagues and employees to strive for excellence. The support, assistance and encouragement he has shown to his colleagues in respect of operational and strategic business matters have been unwavering,” says Johan Basson, MD of Altron BDS.

“While we are sad to see him leave ABDS, this is an exciting growth opportunity for him, and a well-deserved appointment and promotion. I am proud of him and exceptionally pleased that he will remain within the group.

"We would like to thank Warren for his incredible contribution to our business and wish him every success in his new endeavour. I am very confident that with Warren’s leadership, Altron Arrow will also deliver great value, support, service and innovation to their customers,” concludes Basson.

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