SAP interface from ELO offers higher degree of automation

Johannesburg, 11 Oct 2021
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Besides new features such as optimised clients, the enterprise content management provider ELO Digital Office has also enhanced its SAP interface in ELO ECM Suite. The interface now also offers an automatic link function, which was previously only possible through customisation. In addition, the Connectivity Pack Indexdownload function has been optimised, now featuring a configuration app to simplify assignment of permissions as well as an advanced structure.

"These new products and features play a major role in boosting the efficiency of SAP processes," explains ELO Director Alande Mbatha, adding: "Intelligent automation is essential. We are one of the few ECM providers offering this as standard, meaning our customers no longer have to rely on specialised programming and can upgrade at any time, saving them valuable time and money."

What the SAP interface offers

The ELO for SAP ERP range, which offers SAP users convenient access to ELO ECM Suite, consists of the ELO WebDAV for SAP ILM interface, which aids the Protection of Private Information Act 4 of 2013 (herein after referred to as POPIA) – compliant archiving and ELO Suite for SAP Archive Link, covering the entire range of ECM functions within SAP with just three modules. This includes ELO Smart Link for SAP ERP for filing and linking SAP documents in ELO, ELO Toolbox for SAP ERP for filing additional attachments along with SAP documents, and the ELO Connectivity Pack for SAP ERP, which automatically enters metadata for SAP documents with its Indexdownload function and transfers it to the SAP system with its data transfer function to trigger posting processes, for example

Linking stored documents

ELO Toolbox for SAP was updated, now featuring an automatic linking function that links documents filed to ELO with the SAP attachment list of the corresponding object. This was previously only possible with individual manual changes as the systems were unable to communicate at this point. ELO offers this as standard, saving users both time and money. At the same time, the new function also increases data security, simplifying compliance with POPIA: Deleting personal data in the information life cycle management (ILM) system automatically removes it from ELO via the linked attachment list when using the WebDAV interface.

Configuration app for easier permissions

Indexdownload has also been updated to boost process automation. Configuring permissions for users and groups depending on specific values, such as the company code, purchaser or customer code, used to require additional programming in both SAP and ELO. Now, this is done easily and conveniently in a newly developed configuration app when filing documents from SAP.

This app also enables an advanced structure, replacing the main folder of the respective file where all documents were previously filed together. In the Indexdownload configuration, users set a template structure of digital folders that is generated automatically when filing documents.

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