Ignite launches a new Cloud Accounting service

Johannesburg, 25 Sep 2014
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Ignite, the online ICT platform for small and medium businesses, powered by pan-African telecommunications provider Internet Solutions (IS), has announced the launch of its new Cloud Accounting service that is targeted at small and medium accounting firms and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs).

This cloud based service will enable SMEs to increase business flexibility and productivity. As a multi-user accounting application, businesses can manage, track and reconcile customer and supplier invoices, receipts, and add or remove inventory items securely.

"We recognise the need to empower and assist SMEs with managing their day to day accounting services which will in-turn save them time and costs. The new Cloud Accounting service is a cloud based application which means it can be accessed, used and managed from anywhere - all that is needed is an internet connection," says Herman Jansen van Rensburg, General Manager of Ignite.

A research study conducted by CCH Collaborative Solutions on cloud computing and the accounting industry confirmed that the shift onto cloud-based software platforms for accounting services is well underway. According to the report, the uptake of cloud solutions has been steady in recent years, and the shift is accelerating and will soon approach critical mass. Furthermore, the survey indicated that six in 10 (60%) accountants who were not using a cloud-based system were likely to consider one within the next two to three years.

Ignite is offering a 30 day free trial period of their cloud accounting package, and thereafter businesses can easily purchase and activate the service online, without any contracts or paperwork. To provide this user-friendly cloud accounting service, Ignite has partnered with accounting package specialists, Sage Pastel.

Ignite's Cloud Accounting package offers the following benefits:

* Simplicity: the software is written in an easy to understand everyday language - the users don't have to be accountants to use it.
* Flexibility: everything is completely hosted online and access to business management software is available anywhere, anytime and will only need internet connection.
* Security: password encrypted and no back-ups needed.
* Compliancy: the cloud service is up to date with the latest legislation and remains SARS-compliant.
* Collaboration: the service allows companies to work with their accountant online on the same data at the same time.


Ignite helps SMEs to connect, grow and run their business. The company's solutions include cloud services to deliver efficiencies, reduce costs and increase productivity, communication services to enable effective collaboration with partners, suppliers and customers and connectivity solutions to ensure you are always connected. Ignite leverages Internet Solutions' resilient network and 21 years' experience to ensure the services provided are equal to that of any big business.

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