YubiKeys offer highest security, best user experience for protecting Office 365

Johannesburg, 20 Nov 2019
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Designed to work together, YubiKeys from Yubico offer best-in-class protection for Office 365, with a one-touch login experience that delights users.

The reality:

Cloud-based e-mail is a top attack vector for phishing:

Cloud applications, and Office 365 by virtue of its popularity, are the top targets for phishing attacks. Attackers are finding that taking advantage of human error is a lot more effective than targeting system vulnerabilities, with over 99% of attacks targeting end-users.

Poor user experience is hurting MFA adoption:
According to Microsoft, less than 10% of users have enabled MFA in their enterprise accounts. When users have to switch focus to another device or have to type in cumbersome codes, they choose to avoid MFA.

High costs hurting IT budgets:
When IT enforces cumbersome authentication methods, the helpdesk gets inundated with support calls that create high costs and poor ROI.

The answer:
YubiKeys provide a highly secure and easy-to-use authentication solution for Office 365.

Modern authentication for Office 365:
YubiKeys offer the most advanced authentication for protecting Office 365 accounts, leveraging the latest standards-based protocols with the highest levels of security.

Phishing-resistant and proven:
Proven to stop account takeovers from phishing attacks, YubiKeys offer the best peace of mind for IT leaders and end-users alike. Hardware-backed cryptography combined with origin binding of credentials ensure that while a user could be tricked, the YubiKey is never fooled.

Frictionless user experience:
With a simple touch, the YubiKeys log a user in without having to shift focus to different screens or having to enter cumbersome one-time codes. Logins are 4x faster, and end-users love the ease of use.

High ROI via user self-service:
YubiKeys are easy to deploy and manage as users can self-register their security keys, self-administer their credentials, and self-recover accounts. As a result, Yubico customers have reduced help-desk costs by over 90%.

Multiple options for securing Office 365 with YubiKeys

Integrated with leading IAM solutions:
YubiKeys integrate out-of-the-box with Office 365 accounts federated via identity and access management solutions such as Okta, Ping Identity, RSA and Duo.

Native passwordless support with Azure AD:
YubiKeys can authenticate directly with Azure Active Directory accounts using passwordless logins (currently in public preview).

Works with Azure MFA and Active Directory:
Multiprotocol support built into every YubiKey 5 Series security key enables logins using OTP via Azure MFA, as well as using smart card infrastructure to Active Directory accounts.

Works with desktop Outlook clients on Windows and Mac:
YubiKeys can be used with popular desktop clients to provide phishing-resistant authentication across all major platforms.

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