Integrated Tertiary Software becomes Proudly South African

Johannesburg, 08 Jul 2003
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Integrated Tertiary Software (ITS) announced today that the company has been accredited with Proudly South African status. ITS is the only African company providing comprehensive enterprise resource planning software that caters for all administrative requirements of tertiary education institutions. Proudly South African is a campaign aimed at promoting South African companies, products and services that are helping to create jobs and economic growth.

ITS products and services are 100% locally developed and delivered, far exceeding the 50% local production requirement set by the Proudly South African campaign. The campaign`s requirements for high quality standards, commitment to fair labour and employment practices, and commitment to sound environmental standards, are all easily met by ITS.

"Being a South African company, ITS subscribes to the principles of Proudly South African," says Derick Jordaan, CEO of ITS. "The campaign allows us to formalise the promotion of these principles, which, at the same time, are key components of our business strategy. Since the majority of our customers are South African tertiary institutions, we believe that most of them will see the benefits of continuing to deal with a company, such as ITS, that is serious about the promotion of equity in, and the growth of, the domestic information technology sector."

"The branding should also add significant value to our Southern African marketing campaign by verifying the high quality of the ITS products," continues Jordaan. "This will assist us in improving our market position even further." Currently, ITS has a majority market share in the southern African tertiary education administrative software market. The ITS client base includes more than 40 tertiary institutions worldwide of which 29 are South African. These institutions range from fairly small institutions with approximately 2 500 students, to some of the largest institutions with 85 000+ registered students.

"The South African IT industry has always demonstrated innovative and entrepreneurial capabilities, but these capabilities have only been marketed offshore in a fragmented fashion. However, isolated successes have shown that SA offers world-class software products that compete with the best in the world. By joining forces with Proudly SA, local IT companies contribute to spreading this message and eventually we may rival the success of global software `hubs` such as India and Ireland," concludes Jordaan.


Integrated Tertiary Software (Pty) Ltd (ITS), established in 1986, is the only South African provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software to support all major administrative functions of higher education institutions. The current client base includes 29 South African, as well as 15 foreign institutions in Africa, Ireland and Bolivia.

All system modules are fully integrated and web-enabled. Strategic statistical and management information can be extracted on an ad hoc basis by utilising end-user query tools in conjunction with specially created ITS views of the database. By complementing its software offerings with value-added services such as consulting, training, support and database administration, ITS provides comprehensive business solutions to higher education institutions.

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