Meditech Holdings South Africa expands solution offerings and data value with Commvault

Enables fully integrated electronic healthcare record management for more effective patient care around the world with Commvault Data Platform.

Johannesburg, 06 Mar 2018
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Commvault, the global leader in enterprise backup, recovery, archive and the cloud, has today announced a new partnership with Meditech Holdings South Africa that will allow electronic health record (EHR) specialists to expand the breadth of data management, compliance and record management solutions to its customers throughout Europe, Africa, Singapore and Australasia.

Meditech's mission is to help build a world where every patient can access their health information and participate in their own care; and every healthcare organisation can serve its community quicker and more safely through instant access to records, knowledge, and data. Currently its EHR facilitates over 300 billion data transactions per year of patients' critical - and highly and legislatively sensitive - personal data details.

The new agreement announced at HIMMS18 will expand Meditech Holdings South Africa's solution portfolio offering across Europe and Asia by directly distributing/reselling Commvault's Data Platform within its managed service solution. Meditech Holdings South Africa will expand the direct patient care value of accessible, sharable but secure datasets being created across modern healthcare IT departments.

"We're connecting patient information across all environments, for care coordination that tells the entire patient story," commented Charlotte Jackson, CEO of Meditech Holdings South Africa."This means we need to deliver a more varied selection of backup and compliance solutions covering bigger, cloud and vendor agnostic environments. Given the added levels of protection that Commvault's solutions afford against security issues like Ransomware and its ability to enable compliance with regulations such as GDPR and POPI (in South Africa) more easily, it quickly became apparent to us that Commvault backup was the right fit for what we and our customers required," Jackson concluded.

"This is a real win for hospitals and laboratories around the world that now have the security of industry leading management of their electronic health records to ensure patient data is not compromised, or unavailable to clinicians when they need them the most," said Fred Mills, senior director, Commvault Healthcare at Commvault. "The agreement opens up new market opportunities and a greater ability to deliver strategic value to wider audiences within the healthcare sector for us and Meditech."


Commvault is a leading provider of data protection, cloud and information management solutions, helping companies worldwide activate and drive more value and business insight out of their data. With solutions and services delivered directly and through a worldwide network of partners and service providers, Commvault solutions comprise one of the industry's leading portfolios in data protection and recovery, cloud, virtualisation, archive, file sync and share. Commvault has earned accolades from customers and third party influencers for its technology vision, innovation, and execution as an independent and trusted expert. Without the distraction of a hardware business or other business agenda, Commvault's sole focus on data management has led to adoption by companies of all sizes, in all industries, and for solutions deployed on-premises, across mobile platforms, to and from the cloud, and provided as-a-service. Commvault employs more than 2 700 highly- skilled individuals across markets worldwide, is publicly traded on NASDAQ (CVLT), and is headquartered in Tinton Falls, New Jersey in the United States. To learn more about Commvault - and how it can help make your data work for you - visit


The next digital transformation of healthcare is underway, and MEDITECH is leading the charge with its web-based, mobile-first platform 'EXPANSE'. As a leading EHR vendor for over 45 years, MEDITECH's solutions have empowered over 2 350 customers across 22 different countries to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. Today, its cutting-edge solutions are helping organisations to see healthcare through a new lens and navigate this virtual landscape with unparalleled vision and clarity. Whether your destination is clinical efficiency, analytical prowess, or financial success, MEDITECH's bold innovation, passion, and expertise will get you where you want to go. Visit\International, its Newsroom and Blog, and connect with it on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to start your journey today.

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