Webinar: Are you WiFi 6 ready?

Huawei South Africa announces webinar unpacking the future of WiFi for enterprise.

Johannesburg, 20 May 2020
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Huawei South Africa is hosting a free-to-attend webinar examining the relationship between WiFi 6 and 5G, the impact WiFi 6 will have on the enterprise, and what this progression will enable in the workplace and the economy.

WiFi 6, the next generation of the current 802.11ac WiFi standard, is a response to technological advancements in the shape of 5G, and end-user demands for performance, efficiency and coverage in increasingly connectivity-intensive environments.

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Changing face of business practice

Organisations across the globe have been forced to reconsider their working practices due to a worldwide lockdown. The case for fast, reliable, secure connectivity has never been stronger. And, rapidly advancing technology and infrastructure spend has meant that more than ever before, this level of connectivity is a reality for most end-users in the developed, and most parts of the developing, world.

Every time connectivity protocols level up, businesses are boosted and technology responds. This creates deeper and richer user experiences, and the ability to create better customer engagement – feeding back into the loop of boosting business.

This cycle has shown that those businesses that lag competitors in adoption of the latest connectivity protocols suffer in numerous ways – from productivity, to staff frustration and customer retention.

The webinar will provide you with valuable insight into how your business can take the next steps to ensure it is not behind the curve of WiFi 6 adoption.

Webinar overview

This webinar will offer ICT decision-makers insight into how organisations are weathering the state of “business unusual” as a result of the global lockdown; a look at 5G technology best practice in the enterprise; opportunities for business in fully wireless work environments; and how to create high quality campus networks.

Speaker line-up

  • Liao Yong, President, Enterprise Business Dept, Huawei Southern Africa Region
  • Lyu Han, Senior Solution Architect, Huawei Enterprise Networking Chief Engineer Office
  • Matamela Aubrey Mashau, CTO, Network Solution Sales Dept, Huawei Southern Africa Region
  • Sun Liang, Director, Network Solution Sales Dept, Huawei Southern Africa Region

The full agenda is available here, as well as links to numerous resources. Don’t miss this valuable webinar. 

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