Cleaning Fix to bring ‘home heroes’ to more SA households

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Local web-based application The Cleaning Fix plans to expand its services nationally, after initially launching in the greater Cape Town region last year.

The cleaning services online booking platform aims to empower mothers freelancing in domestic work.

Founded by entrepreneur Joshua Cox, the web app was developed by the Fix Forward Trust, which supports grassroots entrepreneurs, contractors and domestic workers.

The trust was started by Cox, who also established Fix Forward, a professional services company that focuses on independent contractors.

According to The Cleaning Fix, it allows its cleaners to earn the full rate of their services booked online, with Cox saying the platform provides a “sufficient stipend” without cleaners losing out on third-party commission or transfer fees.

"Our cleaners deserve a living wage where we're not taking any commission," he notes. "All our cleaners are mothers, and we understand how additional expenses such as childcare can cost. When they receive 100% of their payment, we hope it can help cover these extras and free them up for more work opportunities.

"We had the technology to create a more detailed interface but wanted to simplify it so that people who know they want someone to come in for a half or full day can easily navigate the options. We wanted to prioritise the cleaners' full remuneration and then further develop the platform as we secure additional funds."

As alternative revenue to substitute the platform’s maintenance structure, The Cleaning Fix says its Better Earth online shop sells environmentally-friendly cleaning products, which are dispatched within the Western Cape. Its team also maintains funding with campaigns and corporate backing.

Over the years, firms like SweepSouth that offer home cleaning services have grown popular in SA, as home-owners opt to go online to book these services.

Since launching last year, The Cleaning Fix has more than 30 cleaners signed on to the platform.

It’s set to expand the service nationally over the next 24 months, and is looking into further developing the platform and creating more traction.

To book a cleaner, also referred to as ‘home heroes’, the user will pay R250 for a half day rate (four hours) and R350 for a full day (eight hours). The user also has the option to make a contribution towards the cleaners’ travel costs.

Cox comments the platform wanted to be sensible and fair in setting up the fee structure considering cleaners' travel requirements and time sensitivity. "For the cleaner, it's not just about doing the work in a half or full day," he states. "It means taking up a day where they can't work anywhere else, be it in these two timeframes."

To vet and onboard cleaners onto the platform, The Cleaning Fix says its process is “efficient and transparent”, with criminal background checks, experience reviews and interviews.

Cleaners' preferences such as being comfortable working around pets, and their travel distances are also considered.

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