Commvault announces managed service provider, aggregator partner programmes

Enhanced programmes provide MSPs and aggregators with innovative Intelligent Data Services; dedicated, partner-focused support; a modern, profitable and predictable programme tailored for partner success.

Johannesburg, 09 Jun 2021
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Commvault, a recognised global enterprise software leader in the management of data across cloud and on-premises environments, today announced enhanced managed service provider (MSP) and aggregator partner advantage programmes, tailored and refined to support the way Commvault’s MSP and aggregator partners operate while fulfilling their unique needs for delivering Intelligent “Commvault Powered” Data Services to customers of all sizes around the world.

With a fundamental shift in the IT landscape, organisations are increasingly looking towards managed service providers for consumption-based solutions that span the entire IT stack and are cost-effective, scalable and easy to consume. Seeing this as a fast-growing and clear market direction, Commvault has further evolved its industry-leading Partner Advantage Program to now offer MSPs and aggregators the critical elements they seek to be successful – multiple ways to partner and earn incentives that drive profitability, deep ecosystem relationships centred on joint selling, and tools like in-region support, expansive training and marketing resources to drive partner growth and win more deals.

“One of Commvault’s main objectives is to always provide our partners with Intelligent Data Services that help organisations protect and manage data and applications in an increasingly hybrid and multicloud world,” said John Tavares, Vice-President, Global Channels and Alliances. “The enhancements to our MSP and aggregator programmes help our partners achieve these goals, meet challenges head-on and future-proof their business. Our solutions are industry-leading and we provide the tools, benefits, experience and support that enable partners to help their customers safely protect and manage their data in any environment – on-premises, cloud or SaaS.”

Centred on Commvault’s four key pillars for a winning partnership, the MSP Partner Advantage Program offers a range of benefits that allow partners to easily build on existing services and create new ones for their customers. The simple, modern programme offers two tiers with clearly identified tier promotional requirements and incentives, rewarding partners for driving consumption. MSP partners are also provided with flexible licensing and consumption options that include both subscription and utility agreements to align with customer demand. With partner success as a key foundation, Commvault offers free training resources and curriculums designed to build competency, helping both MSPs and aggregators operate and grow their “Commvault Powered” practice.

In addition, Commvault will be adding Metallic for MSPs to its Partner Advantage Program later this year, enabling its MSP partners to broaden their service catalogues and grow their business with the agility of SaaS.

Commvault’s MSP partners see the value in partnering with Commvault:

  • Tim de Lisle, President, Meridian IT, shared: “Working with an industry leader like Commvault has benefited our customers dramatically, providing us with the tools and resources to maximise the Commvault portfolio of Intelligent Data Services and helping our customers solve their very real data management challenges. Whether it's on-prem or in the cloud, together with Commvault, we can close the Business Integrity Gap for our customers with solutions that store, protect and optimise their data.”
  • Nita Cronin, President and CEO, KELYN Technologies, said: “At a time when ransomware and data breaches are on the rise, our customers in the federal space require data management solutions that are secure, compliant and actionable now more than ever. Through our partnership with Commvault, their portfolio of Intelligent Data Services and their streamlined MSP partner programme, we are able to seamlessly support our customers’ needs in record time.”
  • Mikhail Soloviev, Product Development Director, DataLine, shares these same sentiments. He said: “Commvault provides proven, easy, scalable solutions that ensure continuous backup and data protection. With the help of our proprietary technologies and the broad functionality of Commvault solutions, our clients receive the best data protection, as well as reliability and flexibility for their business."
  • Sergey Sklabovsky, Head of Cloud Backup Business Services, MTS, said: “It is important for our customers to ensure the continuity and reliability of operations, especially in the face of the growing pressure on IT infrastructure. The demand for backup services is showing steady growth. Commvault solutions allow you to backup all commonly used operating systems, virtualisation platforms, databases and software. We launched backup services based on Commvault more than a year ago, and every month we receive applications for connecting the service from large companies in the fields of retail, finance and manufacturing. Clients of #CloudMTS can optimise their work with large amounts of data and consolidate their backup and data recovery tools."
  • Thierry Moreaud, Commercial Director, Syage, shares: "Commvault's portfolio offers unique coverage in the market and is based on a reliable and flexible architecture. We can reduce the risks for our customers with a single unified data protection platform, which creates an intelligent data service."
  • Chris Maltby, Sales Director, ORIIUM, commented: “Commvault gives us the ability to help some of the world’s largest organisations with their most precious asset, data. From protection to rapid recovery or analysis and reporting, leveraging Commvault we can confidently provide a solution no matter where our customer's data or applications reside. With Commvault and ORIIUM, customers swap risk for reassurance.”

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