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Blackpoint Cyber debuts contextually aware breach detection

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Blackpoint Cyber has introduced MDR 4.0, a managed detection and response service that it claims is the industry’s first contextually aware breach detection and response platform.

The service was built around its patented SNAP-Defense platform, which features live network mapping, asset visibility and context, lateral spread detection, remote privilege activity monitoring, and hacker tradecraft detection.

According to the Maryland, US- based company, MDR 4.0 was built by former NSA cyber operators, and uses its own patented technology specifically built for breach detection and response, and no other third-party technologies.

The service aims to provide around-the-clock security monitoring, live threat detection, active threat hunting, and true response, to stop breaches before they take hold.

MDR 4.0 also includes more than 200 new detection capabilities as well as a new malicious tradecraft detection engine called ACTion. It has the ability to detect threats mapped to the industry-standard MITRE ATT&CK Framework.

Jon Murchison, CEO and founder of Blackpoint Cyber, says MDR 4.0 was built using the data and knowledge obtained over the last six years developing cyber security technology and operating a 24/7 security service.

With its custom-built ACTion engine, he says the 4.0 service improves efficiency and detection capabilities and offers redesigned reporting to provide better visibility for clients.

Blackpoint’s MDR 4.0 upgrade is available to all new and existing clients at no additional cost. 

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