Corr-Serve announces new partnership with Kiuwan for Africa

New distributorship brings static application software testing.

Johannesburg, 15 May 2020
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As many more companies look for inspiration through online applications to transform their business for the new normal, South African-based software and solutions distribution house Corr-Serve has joined forces with an application security solution to help partners improve application security for customers.

Corr-Serve today announced a new partnership with Kiuwan, a SaaS solution for measuring and analysing the risk, security, technical debt, and many other enterprise software analytics of client business-critical applications. Seen as a game-changer for the DevOps and cloud computing environments, this will assist organisations looking to make swift change and develop new, and secure, apps for a changing environment.

The new product fits neatly into Corr-Serve’s existing security portfolio to help improve application quality and security, reduce costs, and generate greater value for the market. At the same time, it answers a requirement from partners looking to meet accelerated global demand for affordable innovation while ensuring code is secure and without risk.

“Our mission is to provide objective data that helps organisations make informed decisions about the risks associated with mission-critical applications,” said Santiago Enrique of Kiuwan. “Joining forces with Corr-Serve expands our ability to serve customers as we expand functionality to maintain our leadership position in the SecDevOps market.”

“Having Corr-Serve as a distributor on the African continent is very important for us to establish a stronghold in the regions they operate. Their niche selection of specialist partners and extensive focus on security, performance and enterprise analytics will help us expand our SaaS product Kiuwan to partners seeking continuous software measurement and analysis either for their own applications or for customers seeking to deliver high-quality software solutions. We welcome the extension to our network and are excited at the opportunities for growth,” said Enrique.

“Kiuwan’s cloud native solution demonstrates significant speed and innovation while helping companies manage the security of business applications and improving overall testing efforts,” said Mark van Vuuren, product manager at Corr-Serve. “We look forward to integrating these capabilities with our existing security portfolio to make application security testing an easier and more integral part of testers’ workflows.”

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