Next-generation BI will be user-friendly

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Business discovery represents the next generation of business intelligence (BI); it drives insight to the edges of organisations by making tools easier for businesses to use to get the answers they need.

So says John Callan, senior director of global product marketing at QlikTech, who explains that traditional BI takes a centralised approach and has a top-down focus, which is owned and driven by IT; while business discovery is more self-governed, focusing on the user experience.

A business discovery approach allows users to explore information, rather than taking a set path determined by another, he adds.

Business discovery facilitates the natural social and collaborative nature of decision-making through collaborative social capabilities; it also unlocks the constraints users previously had when making data-driven decisions, Callan noted.

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Business discovery represents a shift in the way data-driven decisions are made - this is very similar to what Gartner termed data discovery - signalling a split in the BI landscape mostly because of consumerisation, Callan says.

The main difference when comparing business discovery to other data discovery approaches is that business discovery addresses failures of traditional BI, yet the IT department is still firmly placed - especially in areas of security, governance and integration with existing IT systems.

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