eBook: MSPs: Your checklist for hero-worthy, security-focused BaaS

Johannesburg, 19 Oct 2020
Read time 1min 00sec

Thirty-two percent of organisations expect cyber threats to impact their business in the next year. If one of your customers is faced with a ransomware attack, would you be able to answer the call? Your customers want to focus on their business, without the constant worry of security breaches and ransomware. You can help them regain their focus by combining the benefits of backup and security services for a proactive approach to business continuity.

While customers may be ready to use the cloud for backup and recovery, navigating the best course through a crowded vendor landscapehas become daunting. You can provide the guidance, offering them a proactive, multi-layered approach that protects their data from ransomware, malware or malicious actors.

In addition, you are uniquely positioned to help customers not only stay ahead of the next threat, but to turn their data management into a competitive advantage. You can show your customers how they can use the data stored in the cloud for analysis, testing and training. In this eBook, we’ll help you uncover the full opportunity in managed security services.

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