Top advantages of choosing local Web site hosting

Johannesburg, 04 Dec 2020
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When it comes to getting a Web site up and running, Web site hosting is often an after-thought. Business owners prioritise a Web site’s look and feel, user experience and content, which of course are all very important… and so is Web hosting. The fundamental basis of any successful Web site is its performance; without it, even the best, most beautiful Web site will lose traffic, which relates to customers and capital.

The criteria to consider for good hosting options are easy. Look for high quality, reliable and secure hosting from a local hosting provider. Why local? Glad you asked, here’s why:

1. Local Web hosting loads faster

Load speeds are dramatically faster. The reason being that every time a visitor accesses your Web site, the data travels from the server it is hosted on to their device. If your target audience lives in South Africa, so should your hosting company.

2. Local Web hosting is better for SEO

Google and other top search engines are essentially matchmakers, in that they aim to link browsers to the best and most relevant content. That is why they prefer to match local IP addresses with local relevant Web sites and, in doing so, they also factor in a Web site’s speed and performance. Local Web hosting therefore hits the mark for SEO in more ways than one.

3. Local Web hosting helps you support a local business

Supporting local businesses has never been more important than in these times. Like the local grocer, a local South African hosting company helps to boost our South African economy by paying VAT, taxes, creating local jobs and investing in local office space, etc.

4. Local Web hosting offers excellent technical support

Operating locally offers a hosting company more control regarding the scheduling of software updates or maintaining high quality server infrastructure, all aimed at benefiting the customer. A local support team is able to communicate and understand their local customer base better, thereby offering a premium service and faster responses.

At, it is our goal to bring superior award-winning and internationally accredited infrastructure to the South African market. Our local N+1 Data Centre boasts redundant cooling, fire suppression, UPS and generator backups, as well as a carrier grade networking infrastructure and has IPv4 and IPv6 connectivity.

Our Web hosting, VPS Hosting, WordPress Hosting and Email Only Hosting solutions offer optimum reliability, stability, performance and security.

We are always improving and innovating our offering of products and services, so as to stay inline with trends and bring companies variety, flexibility and, ultimately, online success!

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