Unpacking the mysteries of BI, analytics and AI

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Two technologies that have become increasingly crucial to businesses of every type, are business intelligence (BI) and analytics. From data preparation and management, to analytics and visualisation, and even all the way to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, today’s organisations need a thorough understanding of the entire BI, analytics and AI landscape if they are to successfully turn their data into actionable, intelligent insights.

ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit 2020

ITWeb's 15th annual Business Intelligence Summit takes place in March at the Sandton Convention Centre. Themed: ‘Enabling actionable insights through data, analytics and AI’, this event will give delegates the advice they need to take their BI, data, analytics and AI projects to the next level. Click here to register your seat today!

With this in mind, this year’s ITWeb Business Intelligence Summit, to be held between 3 and 5 March at The Sandton Convention Centre, will be featuring several plenary case studies to help businesses get a handle on these technologies, says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.

Standard Bank: Moving data to the cloud

The first case study, ‘Moving data to the cloud/hybrid cloud’, will be presented by Deepesh Thomas, head of Digital (Wealth) at Standard Bank. 

Thomas will unpack the benefits of moving data to the cloud, and will identify the cloud models companies are adopting, be it multi-cloud or hybrid cloud, and will unpack the advantages and disadvantages of each.

He will also cover how moving data to the cloud enables the adoption of more advanced technologies such as machine learning and AI, as well as the security and compliance issues businesses need to be aware of when moving their data to the cloud. Finally, it will examine how to build a roadmap for cloud migration that aligns with the data strategy.

MultiChoice: Creating a data-driven culture

The next case study, ‘Creating a data-driven culture within your organisation’, will be hosted by Morne Bosch-Serfontein, chief data officer of the MultiChoice Group. 

Bosch-Serfontein will discuss how to become a data-driven organisation and ensure all your decision-making is data-driven, as well as how to identify the key components of a data-driven culture and align this with the company’s objectives and priorities.

He will also cover the importance of determining the roles of the key stakeholders and gaining their buy-in to support the strategy, and examine how to address the change management aspect of implementing a data-driven culture.

SKA: Bridging the gap between BI and AI

The final plenary case study, ‘B to A – bridging the gap between traditional BI and real AI’ will be presented by Bruce Bassett, head of Data Science at SKA South Africa. 

According to Bassett, AI research is speeding up, with over 10 000 new AI-related research papers coming out each year.

"He will unpack what the best practices are for companies to keep up and build for smooth future upgrades. After all, implementing AI is hard, and it simultaneously requires changing infrastructure, people and processes. Most companies claiming to do AI are actually doing traditional BI, so he will share with the audience how to facilitate the shift to using real AI,” says Mace.

“These are only a few of the case studies we will be showcasing at this year’s event,” she concludes. “Keep your eye on the agenda to find out more.”

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