Tesco to takes on e-Bay, Amazon

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Tesco takes on eBay, Amazon

Tesco says it has entered the online marketplace to compete with e-Bay and Amazon, reports Tamebay.

The marketplace is expected to unveiled in the summer of 2011. However, it was hoping to debut the site this year but wants to make sure that the technology behind the site is fully tested and working.

Retail Week, who broke the news, says the Tesco Marketplace is likely to include all Tesco non-food categories, including toys, games, electricals, furniture and clothing. The company has already had conversations with other retailers regarding selling on its new site.

Retailers focus on tech

According to a new report, retail chains around the world have changed their main focus in the past 12 months and are now investing heavily in inventory and technology, says U Talk Marketing.

The 2010 Global Retail Chief Financial Officer Survey by professional services firm PWC found that retailers are now typically focusing on improving strategy execution and merchandising effectiveness.

This report has highlighted the importance of why having the most up-to-date technology and IT systems can help with the progress and success of the company.

Retailers prepare for 'Black Friday'

While tablet computers may be the hot technology topic in other businesses, retailers are largely ignoring the devices, opting instead for 'ruggedised' line-busting technologies, says Channel Insider.

Although new technologies designed to help retailers for their big Black Friday sales are being made available, it's the tried and true technologies that are going to be used on the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season, it says.

Tablets have become a hot technology topic, and there are several products now available designed for point-of-sale applications, but retailers aren't adopting them this year. Instead, they'll rely on line-busting techniques and technologies that have already been proven in past years, says Greg Girard, program director for retail merchandise strategies at IDC Retail Insights.

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