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Enhanced video surveillance now possible with Emergia Solutions

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Emergia Solutions has introduced intelligence to its networked video surveillance solution. The company has been providing IP-based networked surveillance solutions for some time now. But according to MD, Harold Bopalamo, "we needed to enhance the features and ensure there is less reliance on the unreliable human eye in surveillance".

One of the enhancements involves the introduction of heuristic artificial intelligence, which enables the system to learn the environment that the camera sees, and adjusts its responses based on this learning.

"Heuristic artificial intelligence functions like the human mind, on learned behaviour, unlike most systems, which are taught specific images and are told to react to them," according to Bopalamo.

The problem with this approach, which is based on neural artificial intelligence, is that you get more nuisance alarms because the system does not understand perspective and finds it difficult to adjust to variations.

Among the features of the system are the ability to track objects, secure perimeters, track behaviour, detect small objects, detect slip-and-fall or man down, count accurately in crowded areas, set off direction alarms, and detect graffiti and parking violations.

The system allows detection of small objects against a background with a similar colour, which would be almost impossible for the human eye to detect. It also can detect objects which are obscured by passing traffic 50% of the time.

Bopalamo believes that the technology is well ahead of competitors as it is the only one in the world based on Non-motion Detection. This means that the system can ignore motion and focus only on the stationary object.

A further enhancement to Emergia`s surveillance suite is a number plate recognition system which uses two methods for accurate recognition of plates. The one method localises the plates then reads the characters. This is supported by a further method which identifies unique features and uses them for identification regardless of illumination and changes in shape.

"This allows us to better secure and automate entrances to facilities, enhance city surveillance and manage routes by exclusion, for instance, managing bus lines to exclude cars."

Emergia Solutions also went further to add face recognition into the system. This way, video images can be compared to a database of images for face recognition.

"Our face recognition system was found through government tests in the US to be a global leader in accuracy both in terms of accurate recognition and false positives. This is because it uses both 2D (features) and 3D (depth/range)."

"Emergia was founded on the principle of understanding the ability of video, biometrics and IP networks to merge into an enabler of better security management. Our surveillance products fit firmly into that thinking."

Across the suite of products Emergia Solutions offers in surveillance, are references such as Canberra Airport, New York Underground, city surveillance in Brussels, Orly Airport, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Australian Cabinet, Paris Police, Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs and German Federal Police.

Emergia Solutions

Emergia Solutions is a security, business continuity and network services company with partnerships with some of the best companies in their fields. The company`s integration skills enable it to bring physical access security, CCTV, network security, IP networks, biometrics and digital credentials together in providing a complete security offering.

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