Login failure when scanning: we can fix that

By Cheryl Otstott

Johannesburg, 29 Mar 2019
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Most of the Xerox multifunction printers can scan and it is a relatively easy process. Easy until you, on that rare occasion, encounter a login failure message. You may see that message if you are scanning using either SMB or FTP. There is a list of things to check for if this message displays.

Possible fixes for login failure

* Confirm that the share name and the path are correct and make sure the information is typed in correctly. Try to avoid special characters, such as apostrophes and dashes, consider renaming the share to remove special characters.
* If you are scanning to a folder within the share, try scanning with a / or \ in the front of the path or leave the / or \ out of the path.
* Confirm that the user credentials are correct.
* If a domain user is in use, make sure to check the spelling and that the proper slash is in use. In the domain user, a \ should be used.
* Alternatively, try creating a new user for a local install and see if that user will work.
* Check permissions of the folder and, if necessary, the root folder. Make sure full control, read and write permissions are selected.
* Add permission to the security tab of the folder.
o Specifically for SMB Scanning: oIf Scanning to Windows 7 or Server 2008 or higher, Port 445 needs to be used
* Make sure the time on the network and the printer are the same. If it is off by three or more minutes, you may see the login failure message.
* To adjust the time if needed. Open CentreWare Internet Services (CWIS), select properties then general set-up, and then correct the time under date and time.

If you still get the login failure message after checking and adjusting all the items listed above, please go to the support page for your machine and search "login failure" to see if there any additional suggestions. Post questions on the Xerox Customer Support Community Forum or call your local support centre for further assistance.

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