Webinar: Top five use cases for Apache Kafka, Data in Motion

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The recent revolution in data infrastructure and application architecture has transformed the way organisations of every size and type – from the traditional to the digital native – work with data.

As the number of connected and distributed devices soars, there has been a gradual shift in the way data is processed and analysed. Trends such as the IOT, micro-services, and event-driven apps are at the vanguard of this shift, as they have impacted the development of real-time analytics.

Step in event stream processing (ESP), or the set of technologies that were designed to help the construction of event-driven information systems. “Event” refers to each data point in the system, and “stream” refers to the continual delivery of those events.

However, to really harness the benefits of ESP as a strategic platform within the business, it needs to shift from the domain of one-off engineering initiatives, to become the central nervous system of the enterprise.

If done properly, this shift will help business build smart apps that can immediately react to events as they occur, making it perfect for critical workloads, which enables the business to create better customer experiences.

But this shift is not without its challenges, and with this in mind, Confluent, in partnership with ITWeb, is hosting a webinar on 25 January at 10 am, to unpack how to drive transformation with a thoughtful strategy with specific business impact in mind.

According to Confluent, understanding which business use cases other entities are putting into best practice is the ideal way to start both envisioning and enabling a shift to a centralised event streaming paradigm using Apache Kafka and Confluent.

The webinar will be presented by Dan Croft, a senior solutions engineer at Confluent. Croft is technically-focused, and his career has evolved from a support background to his current role. Previously, he has worked at major companies including Zaloni and Cloudera, and in his current role, Croft presents to clients at a senior level, helping them  develop a technical vision to enable their migration from legacy technology to more modern platforms.

He will unpack the top five use cases and architectures for Apache Kafka & Data in Motion, including Customer 360° and Web site clickstream analysis, legacy IT modernisation, next-gen apps, single business view, and real time analytics.

For more information, and to register for this free event, click here.

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