Where do you store your data?

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Do you keep data stored in-house, or in the cloud? Or has your company opted for a hybrid storage solution?

ITWeb has teamed up with Aptronics and Hewlett Packard Enterprise to run an online survey that examines how South African organisations approach the data storage problem.

The effective storage of data is critical for any organisation. Hybrid storage solutions combine flash-based and hard disk drives that are said to provide comprehensive and cost-effective storage options.

The Hybrid Storage Survey aims to find out, among other things, the main reasons why a hybrid storage solution would be considered and what benefits business users expect to realise.

The survey asks how often local businesses experience storage-related outages and whether they are able to recover data quickly and successfully.

Finally, what storage technologies are being used and what factors are most important when assessing a storage vendor?

Share your views about data storage by completing our quick survey here, and stand a chance to win a Fitbit Versa Fitness Watch.

The results of this survey, together with the name of the winner of the lucky draw prize, will be published on ITWeb.

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