IBM deal showcases Essbase AS/400 leadership

Johannesburg, 15 Feb 1999
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Hyperion Solutions has solidified its lead in enterprise OLAP (online analytical processing) and data warehousing through a reseller and licensing agreement announced separately by IBM and ShowCase Corporation. As part of the agreement, IBM will resell ShowCase Strategy, the market-leading AS/400 data warehousing solution, within IBM`s core business intelligence offerings worldwide.

ShowCase Strategy is a comprehensive business intelligence data warehouse solution, which includes Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server and Hyperion Wired for OLAP. The announcement expands the worldwide distribution of Hyperion`s products in the AS/400 market.

"The announcement between IBM, the unquestioned leader in business intelligence on the AS/400, and ShowCase delivers an endorsement for Hyperion`s products which provide critical components for every company`s data warehousing strategy," says John Dillon, president and CEO of Hyperion. "AS/400 customers can leverage the analytical power, performance and scalability of Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server to deliver a wide range of analytic applications as part of ShowCase`s comprehensive data warehousing solution on the AS/400."

The AS/400 market provides a major opportunity for Hyperion, IBM and ShowCase to expand the distribution of OLAP and data warehousing solutions. Leading market analysts estimate the AS/400 market has an installed base of 500 000 systems, and predict triple-digit growth for business intelligence solutions on the AS/400. IBM`s agreement with Showcase will further enhance the position of Essbase/400 as the dominant OLAP server in the AS/400 marketplace.

ShowCase Strategy includes Essbase/400, the high-performance, 64-bit AS/400 version of Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server and ShowCase Analyzer, which is based on Hyperion Wired for OLAP. In less than two years as a Hyperion Alliance

Partner, ShowCase has licensed ShowCase Strategy to more than 250 customers worldwide.

ShowCase will also develop a native AS/400 version of IBM DB2 OLAP Server, IBM`s strategic OLAP platform that integrates the Hyperion Essbase OLAP engine with IBM DB2 Universal Database. This agreement extends a distribution agreement announced last year between IBM and Hyperion Solutions, under which IBM also resells Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Wired and other Hyperion products within its worldwide business intelligence offering.

Strategy is the only integrated and scalable AS/400 business intelligence system which provides staged implementation options for enterprise-wide business intelligence. It offers data warehouse building and management, PC and Web reporting and analysis, OLAP and deployment accelerators, and an architecture proven to accommodate growing and ever changing needs.

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