SkyGroup debuts huddle rooms for small businesses

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The VC200.
The VC200.

AV and communications services distributor SkyGroup Communications has introduced the VC200 Smart Video Conferencing Endpoint from Yealink, which aims to help resellers cater for the huddle room needs of small businesses.

A huddle room is a small, private meeting area that is equipped with teleconferencing and other collaboration technologies.

According to SkyGroup, the Yealink VC200 is an entry-level smart video conferencing endpoint that has was designed for the Android 7.1 operating system making it easy to use, quick to deploy and cost-effective.

Marius van Wyk, technical and operations director at SkyGroup, says huddle rooms are becoming more and more popular as they make a compelling alternative to enterprise-grade conferencing solutions which are expensive, particularly when more than one meeting room is required.

"With the VC200, pop-up meeting rooms and huddle spaces can be quickly created wherever there is a need in a business."

He says it is also good for small businesses that need video conferencing solutions but can't afford the hefty price tags attached to them.

The solution features an Ultra HD 4K camera and 103^0 super-wide angle lens, as well as six beamforming microphone arrays, to provide top video and sound quality. Its six-in-one design integrates built-in camera, codec, microphone, Bluetooth, WiFi and bracket.

"Ease of use and ease of deployment are essential to setting up and deploying a huddle room, with this endpoint you can deploy with just two cables.

"The VC200 gives large enterprises the opportunity to add huddle spaces to their meeting areas and it offers small businesses the chance to take advantage of video conferencing and collaboration without the barriers to entry," concludes Van Wyk.

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