Huawei rolls out next entry-level smartphone

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Huawei’s P Smart 2021 smartphone will be available in stores from 7 November.
Huawei’s P Smart 2021 smartphone will be available in stores from 7 November.

Starting tomorrow, South African consumers will be able to get their hands on Huawei’s latest new entry-level smartphone, the P Smart 2021.

The P Smart devices are Huawei's range of affordable smartphones. This latest addition to the range comes less than a month after the Huawei P Smart S 2020 was introduced.

The Chinese telecoms giant has confirmed the P Smart 2021 will start selling from 7 November, selling at a recommended retail price of R5 999.

The phone will be sold from Vodacom and Cell C stores from tomorrow, and via the Huawei online store starting on 9 November.

The Huawei P Smart 2021 comes in three colours: green, gold and black.

The new entry-level phone runs on Huawei Mobile Services, which is the company’s alternative ecosystem to Google Mobile Services, which is now standard for all its new devices.

Powered by the Kirin chipset, the device includes a 5 000mAh high-capacity battery.

Huawei says the battery can support 38 hours of continuous 4G calls, 23 hours of video playback, or 12 hours of 4G Internet browsing. Huawei adds the device is equipped with its super-charge technology, which takes 10 minutes to charge the battery back to full capacity.

The device has up to 128GB of storage capacity. Users can also insert an additional 512GB external memory card.

The P Smart 2021 features a quad artificial intelligence camera, which includes a main camera, ultra-wide-angle camera, macro camera and depth camera.

Each camera, according to Huawei, is designed for a specific function, but together deliver professional-looking shots every time.

“Photography is one of the things that Huawei is best known for, so it is no surprise that, despite being an entry-level smartphone, the Huawei P Smart 2021 does not cut corners when it comes to its camera,” says the company. “This smartphone inherits many of the clever camera tricks from Huawei’s mid- to high-end models, which means it’s sure to make a big splash with its photographic capabilities.”

“Large group shots and vast landscapes have never been easier to capture, nor has the fine detail of the natural world. And beautiful portraits, with the lighting automatically adjusted and the background delicately blurred, are just a click away. The Huawei P Smart 2021 also comes with a front-facing camera that has a built-in circular flash, producing Instagram-ready selfies even in low light.”

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