Open source needs marketing

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Open source needs marketing

There is a need for greater promotion of the use of open source software for ICT-based teaching and learning, according to The Times of India.

Professor Kannan Moudgalya of the Indian Institute of Technology highlighted this at the release of kPoint, a software solution for interactive learning and training.

kPoint, developed by Great Software Laboratory, was released by noted computer expert Vijay Bhatkar, creator of India's Param series of supercomputers.

Samsung stays with Symbian

Samsung responded to fears that it may be gearing up to abandon the open-source Symbian OS in favour of its developer-friendly bada mobile platform, by saying it intends to continue with both in a “multi-OS” strategy, states GoMo News.

Samsung has been involved with Symbian since it acquired a stake in 2003 and the manufacturer has been releasing devices powered by Symbian since late 2005.

But with the release of the bada platform, there came rumours that Samsung was dropping Symbian entirely, and that it would be moving exclusively to bada, Android and Windows Mobile.

Droid joins the battle

Motorola has desperately needed a hit handset for a while. Now, with the arrival of the Droid, the struggling US phone maker may have achieved it, reports the Financial Times.

The Droid is the latest of the raft of new smartphones built using Google's open source Android smartphone operating system.

It is the first handset to use Android 2.0, the latest version of the system, which includes some refinements and new features, most notably free voice-enabled turn-by-turn navigation using Google Maps.

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