White paper: Managing the enterprise IOT landscape

Johannesburg, 15 May 2019
Read time 50sec
Managing the enterprise IOT landscape.
Managing the enterprise IOT landscape.

Real-life IOT projects are subject to innumerable variables. Industrialised IOT services require managing multiple complex components in large deployments outside the data centre, addressing very specific security and data privacy concerns.

All of these things and all of this data need to be managed. It's unfamiliar territory for much of the business world, with non-standard landscapes and environments that aren't understood. Some find such an unfamiliar environment unsettling. Others are comforted by its logic and order.

In the enterprise managed IOT services sector, we approach it by not focusing on the technology or the platform. We look at our customers' data and their journeys. This white paper looks at five areas that require additional precautions and attention, how to avoid common pitfalls, and what technologies can help.

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