An Inspired Test for the Scouts

Johannesburg, 06 Oct 2020
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Being a Scout means being organised, informed and responsible. The Scouts Association UK recently upgraded its business-critical membership management system, and Inspired Testing, a Dynamic Technologies company, was on hand to ensure the system reflects the high standards associated with being a Scout.

Scouts is a worldwide movement, active in 216 countries with a global membership of over 31 million children and youth.

Scouts Association UK Senior Project Manager, Tom Mortimer-Hart, says they required the swift appointment of a company to undertake functional testing of the development of the new system. “We were faced with a hard deadline as the system’s existing software version was end-of-life and out of support.”

From initial discussions and establishing the project approach, kick-off was actioned within a month, just as the country went into lockdown due to the virus outbreak. Lloyd Dignan, Director, Inspired Testing, says: "Our teams worked remotely and collaborated online. A light agile approach with daily scrum check-ins and a burn-down chart helped us to understand exactly how much time was remaining on the projects, and how many tickets were outstanding. This helped identify any blockages and chart the project trajectory.”

Pioneering has always been part of scouting, and this project was no exception. Inspired Testing helped the Scouts rationalise scripts in the testing phase of the project, speed up testing delivery and identify future improvements.

“Inspired Testing met, and exceeded, initial expectations,” says Mortimer-Hart.

The Scouts Association UK actively engages and supports young people in their personal development, empowering them to make a positive contribution to society with life-based learning across England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

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