Cloud computing rated top innovation tech

Johannesburg, 24 Nov 2011
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Cloud computing rated top innovation tech

Cloud computing is a top innovation technology, according to research by Calyx, QAS reports.

The study found that during tough economic times, medium-sized businesses are looking to technologies that can help them innovate and stand out from the crowd, and cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) are at the top of most firms' lists.

According to CenterBeam, the Calyx Business Transformation Index shows that 72% of surveyed UK CIOs say SaaS is their top hope for innovation and transformation.

Sixty-percent of respondents said virtualisation would be the biggest factor helping their business, while 53% cited the general term 'cloud computing'. About 58% of businesses saw themselves moving to a model where about half of the services and operations would be delivered through the cloud.

However, there was still a fear around security, with 60% naming it as their top concern of moving to the cloud, Cloud Pro notes.

“The ... good news is that UK CIOs clearly recognise the massive potential for innovations like managed services, cloud computing and BYO device strategies to change their organisations' capabilities,” said Martin Mackay, CEO of Calyx.

The conclusive finding, however, was that 74% saw IT as “central to business transformation”, meaning it will be the IT departments helping companies navigate the recession.

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