Ubuntu joins VMware Cloud Foundry

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Ubuntu joins VMware Cloud Foundry

VMware is working with Dell and the Ubuntu Linux operating system to spur adoption of its cloud computing software; driving competition against Microsoft, reports Bloomberg.

Dell's services arm will help install VMware's Cloud Foundry programme, while Ubuntu will begin including parts of the software, says Jerry Chen, VMware VP. EnStratus Networks, which lets companies manage cloud computing software, will also support Cloud Foundry.

Cloud Pro says Ubuntu Server 11.10 is set for release in October and will come fully-loaded with Cloud Foundry's desktop application builder, as well as its higher-end server option, enabling users to take advantage of its platform-as-a-service and build their own cloud environments.

Cloud Foundry was developed by VMware and offers a similar service to that of Microsoft's Azure for creating, deploying and scaling applications. However, unlike its more traditional counterpart, the code is open source, allowing other services to work alongside it.

According to The Register, Canonical claims 12 million active Ubuntu desktop users, and VMware boasts that with the Cloud Foundry client on the imminent Oneiric Ocelot, these millions will be only a few commands away from deploying an application on its existing Cloud Foundry service (still in beta).

With the Cloud Foundry server deployment tools bundled as well, Ubuntu users will have the ready option of building their own cloud-based application on the platform.

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