Dell Technologies Forum unlocks tech for SMEs

Cost and scale are no longer barriers for medium-size businesses to adopt enterprise-grade technologies, says Dell Technologies.

Johannesburg, 19 Jun 2019
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Today’s medium-sized companies enjoy reinvigorated access to business technology. The powerful systems that raised the game of enterprises are now also open to smaller, agile, start-up and niche businesses.

“When you look at medium and start-up businesses, those companies have very similar needs to a large company, but not necessarily the internal resources to always pull it off,” said Sabine Dedering, Regional Sales Director at Dell Technologies South Africa. “Dell Technologies worldwide has a lot of focus on the medium business. This includes South Africa, where we established a dedicated medium business team about a year ago.”

Medium-sized businesses – those typically between 100 and 1 000 IT users – do not necessarily have smaller IT footprints than their enterprise peers. Some manage large and complicated accounts or service enormous user bases among their customers. In the big picture, they deal with the same complex market demands that the large players do, but until recently, often had to make do with much less in access to technology due to constrained resources such as limited IT teams and budgets.

This balance shifted dramatically with the advent of cloud, scalable services and hyper-converged infrastructure. Yet, despite the doors opening, the traditional gatekeepers – other vendors and their partners – still habitually focus on enterprise players. It undermines the new possibilities technology can offer to medium businesses, a world that often marches to the beat of its own drums.

“These are not small customers,” Dedering explained, referring to medium-sized companies. “Sometimes they are market leaders in a specific niche. But they don't have thousands of people. You get your traditional companies that may have a few hundred employees. They provide a certain service on a regional basis or in a niche market and might never grow much beyond that because that's what they do really well.”

Every day everyone faces the same thing: challenges. With support from Dell Technologies, those medium business and start-up customers can prevent work disruptions, streamline operations, and increase productivity using scalable, fast technology optimised for the way their business works.

Ambitions to use modern enterprise-grade technologies can be purely functional, such as hunting for efficiencies and streamlining processes. But they can also include the adoption of emerging technologies such as machine learning, mobile workforces, predictive analytics, real-time data, Internet of things (IOT), automation and active business continuity. These capabilities are available because their services are able to fit the mould of the business, instead of traditional monolithic technology systems that dictate cost and availability.

Accessing tech’s best

But just because the technology is more accessible, that doesn’t make its adoption seamless. That still requires a business-first view and, as such, a reliable partner. As mentioned earlier, too many vendor ecosystems obsess over large enterprises. But Dell Technologies has seen the demand from medium businesses and is actively meeting them on their terms.

This can be put to the test: there will be a stand dedicated to medium businesses at the upcoming Dell Technologies Forum, in Johannesburg. Visitors will be able to meet Dedering and her team: “First and foremost, we will have a chat and understand their business requirements. Then we will connect them with the experts at the forum and showcase the different technologies available that could be relevant to them. For us, the main focus will be to understand our medium business customers, understand their business and how our expertise can help transform their business. We explore what types of services we can wrap around their requirements to make it easier for them to leverage technology the way other bigger companies may be.”

Finance is part of this conversation: Dell Technologies is pioneering a number of finance models that are flexible and customised around customers’ cash flow.

Medium-sized businesses don’t need different technologies to enterprises. Nor are they excluded anymore: the barriers of costs, complexity and scale have collapsed to open the market, aligning to the limited resources that medium-sized companies have to manage. Every business has its own unique requirements, which is why Dedering and her team invite you to have a frank and fruitful conversation.

Join them at the Medium Business stand, hosted at the Dell Technologies Forum, on 27 June at the Sandton Convention Centre. Attendance is free, but please register beforehand at

Your business can start using the same calibre technologies as global enterprises, so start at the Dell Technologies Forum and discover how.

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