Zscaler wins largest CASB/SWG deal in Africa

Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2020
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Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate Networks.
Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate Networks.

Zscaler, the global leader in cloud security, recently signed the largest recorded CASB and SWG (Secure Web Gateway) deal in Africa for more than 40 000 users. The deal, secured in conjunction with local representatives – Accelerate Networks – and purchased by one of Africa’s leading banks, highlights Zscaler’s capability and leadership in the CASB and SWG space.

Zscaler Cloud-delivered CASB and SWG enables organisations to securely adopt and govern the use of multiple SaaS applications providing real-time visibility, access controls and user activity across sanctioned and unsanctioned applications, while protecting transactions from advanced Internet threats.

“Zscaler delivers two options in CASB, including their default 'in-line data protection' mode available when costumers purchase Business SWG or the full CASB, including 'out of band protection', which interrogates inside SaaS applications to identify accidental or intentional data exposure and compliance violations that would otherwise go unnoticed,” says Stuart Hardy, Chief Marketing Officer at Accelerate Networks, Zscaler’s partner in Africa.

A second reason organisations are opting for Zscaler SWG and CASB is the ability to reduce complexity by leveraging a single, cloud-native security vendor with comprehensive solutions for office, home and remote users. Since the Gartner SASE (Secure Access Services Edge) model advocated this approach, ‘single-vendor, cloud-native’ has become the objective of most vendors with a range of companies working to close the gap created by Zscaler’s 10-year lead and resulting global dominance in this space.

“SASE is starting to influence vendor and business decisions when adopting security solutions. Historically, security has been complex, expensive and niche, something the SASE model aims to resolve in future with a single vendor solution that delivers a wide range of security controls in one,” adds Hardy.

“With Zscaler’s exclusive cloud-native approach, companies can reduce their network or endpoint complexity to a single application that will deliver Internet protection (SWG), zero trust access, CASB and application segmentation.”

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Accelerate Networks is a proud 10-year partner of Zscaler for sub-Saharan Africa.

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